Erscheinungen von Akita – Schwester Agnes Sasagawa

Eine sehr wichtige Botschaft aus Japan: Our Lady of Akita – Sr. Agnes Sasagawa
Von der Kirche anerkannten Erscheinungen U.L.F. von Akita

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Erstens weil die Botschaften von der Kirche anerkannt wurden und zweitens, weil sie auch im Zusammenhang mit „Fatima“ stehen. Die entscheidende und letzte Botschaft stammt nicht von ungefähr (auch) vom 13. Oktober (1973):

Hier eine Kurzfassung des Textes der Muttergottes an Schwester Sasagawa. Entnehmen Sie bitte alle Details dem Fatima-Boten Nr. 49 auf den Seiten 9 bis 15:

Wesentlichster Teil des Gesagten:

Wenn die Menschen nicht bereuen und sich nicht bessern, wird der Vater der ganzen Menschheit eine fürchterliche Züchtigung schicken! Eine Strafe, weit schlimmer als die Sintflut. Eine Strafe, wie sie bis jetzt noch nicht vorgekommen ist. Feuer wird vom Himmel fallen und einen grossen Teil der Menschheit dahinraffen, sowohl die Bösen als auch die Guten. Weder Gläubige noch Priester werden verschont werden. Die Überlebenden werden so betrübt sein, dass sie die Toten beneiden werden. Die einzigen Waffen, die dann bleiben werden, wird der Rosenkranz und das Zeichen Meines Sohnes sein. Mit dem Rosenkranz betet für den Papst, die Bischöfe und die Priester. Die Handlung des Teufels wird sogar ins Innere der Kirche eindringen, so dass Kardinäle gegeneinander auftreten werden, und Bischöfe gegen Bischöfe. Die Priester, die mich verehren, werden verachtet und von anderen Priestern bekämpft werden. Die Kirchen und die Altäre werden geplündert werden. Die Kirche wird voll sein von denen, die Basteleien akzeptieren. Und der Teufel wird viele Priester und Gott geweihte Seelen dazu treiben, den Dienst am Herrn zu verlassen. Der Teufel wird vor allem die Gott geweihten Seelen erbittert bekämpfen. Der Gedanke an den Verlust so vieler Seelen, ist die Ursache meiner grosse Traurigkeit. Wenn die Sünden zunehmen, zahlenmässig und in Schwere, wird es keine Verzeihung mehr geben. Betet oft den Rosenkranz. Diejenigen, die ihr Vertrauen in mich setzen, werden gerettet werden.“

Fátima vs. the Conspiracy Theories

The 1917 apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three children at Fátima (ending in October of that year with the greatest historical public miracle before 70,000 observers) offer us without doubt a formidable example of Our Lady’s loving intervention, to warn the world of coming threats, and offer powerful remedies to avoid wars and achieve peace.

But the proper interpretation of Fátima is of the utmost importance.

For some decades, the Canadian priest, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the “Fátima priest,” and the Fátima Center that he founded, have been claiming that the ills that the world and, especially, the Church are now suffering could be avoided if only the consecration of Russia by the pope and the bishops of the world, requested by Our Lady in a vision to Sr. Lucia on December 10, 1925, had been done correctly. By “correctly,” Gruner means mentioning Russia by name … (Whole article on The Catholic Thing: http://www.thecatholicthing.org/2015/02/28/fatima-vs-conspiracy-theories)

Weltweite Heilige Stunde der Kinder 3. Oktober 2014 Worldwide Childrens Holy Hour – 2014-10-03

Russland/Ukraine – weinende Ikonen

Weinende Ikonen in der Ukraine und in Russland. Lesen Sie den Bericht von Spiritdaily (in englisch).

Quelle, 2014: http://www.spiritdaily.net/ukraine2.htm:

„Announcing the disaster? Icons of Ukraine and Russia are crying!“
That’s the headline in a Polish news portal called Fronda.pl.

„God warns us against a giant cataclysm that could begin in Russia and Ukraine?“ this news commentary ponders. „It is not excluded.“

And so it is something for us all to consider, whether or not the crisis immediately becomes a full-blown one.

„In both countries, in a dozen monasteries, icons began to cry,“ claims the publication. „In the Orthodox tradition (yes indeed, as in the West, where the weeping statues portend serious events) it is a clear sign from above, which is a call to the people to repentance and warning of approaching difficult times.

„Icons are now crying among others in Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, Rivne (also known as Rovno), and Novokuznetsk. Earlier and similar phenomenon in Russia and Ukraine took place before the October Revolution and the fall of the tsarist regime, and just before the collapse of the Soviet Union,“ concludes the report, for our reckoning.

Will the Russian-Ukrainian crisis be quickly defused — as has been the case in so many potential tinderboxes during the past few decades (in this period of grace, if waning grace) — or will the tension between the two nations, long bitter foes, infused with rabid nationalism (and now in a tug of war over Crimea) explode into a nuclear event?

If so (if there is fire), might it one day reflect on the Fatima prophecies? If something does erupt, will it cause us to think back on the consecration of Russia?

It may be quickly defused. That’s certainly what one must hope — at the same time that we hope for world conversion.

But of late, private revelation and miracles have become, or so it seems, all the more relevant. Even mainstream media are now taking note. The question is both the legitimacy of the reports and whether they are different than previous mystical phenomena. Russia and Ukraine have a long history of miraculous icons and statues (including one we visited at the huge, mysterious, holy monastery at Pochaiv).

Several years back, in 2006, were reports of many icons weeping in the same region [see note at end of this article].

As one Orthodox writer noted some years back: „The meaning of the weeping icons of America today is not yet evident, at least one of them is still weeping after five years. What is certain is that these tears of the Mother of God speak directly to the heart of every Orthodox believer, calling all to repentance, amendment of life and return to faith and tradition in their fullness.“

Speculation is as yet premature. But it must be noted that the northern lights, also an historical harbinger, are firing up again in a way that to a degree is reminiscent of the aurora that Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos said was the Fatima-prophesied „great sign“ announcing World War Two.

The writer of the Fronda article, Tomasz P. Terlikowski, concludes, „If indeed such phenomena occur, it is — even though the story of a journalist that similar phenomena may have occurred before the collapse of the Soviet Union may bother us and arouse suspicion — worth asking whether God does not want us in this way to warn against impending difficult times and call to repentance? Prayer can never be too many, and with the international situation, civilization is not inclined to exaggerated optimism … Hence the rosaries, prayer, and repentance! Any such event is for Christians the call to conversion of life, and a sign of things to come.“

[Reported Pravda in 2006: „In Russia there are several thousand crying icons: images of saints are crying profusely in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sarov, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and on Solovki. Another such miracle took place recently in the town of Sochi. In the local regional museum a new exhibition of spiritual paintings has opened. A day after the exhibition opened ten icons from 17th-19th centuries suddenly became covered with a white oily liquid with a slight smell of resin. According to witnesses, the icons were crying so intensely that small pools formed on the parquet floor. Museum workers terrified by the miracle immediately closed the hall to visitors and called for priests, who said prayers. After this the entrance to the exhibition was opened once again. Another report arrived from the village of Rogovatoe near Belgorod. Here in the church run by Reverend Sergey Radonezhsky a whole series of icons of imperial martyrs started crying. Drops of an oily liquid were discovered during the traditional Sunday Mass. At first the assumption was made that the drops were nothing other than condensation or oil which had spat out of a lamp that one of the worshippers had accidentally rubbed against the icon when he was venerating the image. But this version was soon discredited – after all, from the moment it first appeared in the Church, the icon had always been kept under glass and was therefore protected against external influences. All the attempts to remove the moisture using cotton wool led to nothing – the beads of oil merely kept reappearing on the icon. ‚I want to remark straight away,‘ academic Pavel Florenskiy, head of a special commission supported by the Moscow Patriarchy studying miracles in churches, told an ACC correspondent, ‚the phenomenon of icons crying is known us to all the way back to Ancient Greek manuscripts. However for a long time there was no agreement between science and religion. Many scientists viewed such miracles as a fabrication or a common forgery. But nowadays the deep-rooted antagonism is changing thanks to constructive dialogue.’”]

[Feedback: Dear Spirit Daily, Many years ago, [mystic] Maria Esperanza, in referring to an approaching time of global upheaval, stated that, ‚It will begin here‘ — obviously referring to Venezuela. In recent days, as the Venezuelan economy disappears into a black hole, with wholesale food shortages and large numbers of people lacking the essentials of life, there have been indications of a media blackout in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities as government hit squads try to eliminate all opposition. There can be little possibility that the situation in the Ukraine will calm down and that order can be restored. As Western political leaders somewhat pathetically ‚warn‘ Russia not to intervene militarily, Putin has sent 150,000 troops to Russia’s western border with Ukraine, two warships to the Crimea, and large numbers of fighter jets have been relocated to bases closer to the Ukraine and ordered to be combat-ready. The loss of the Ukraine is still a thorn in the side for Russia, and up to one half of Ukrainians demand that, politically, militarily and economically, their nation should once again look eastward towards Russia, and not westward towards the E.U. Putin is not prone to inertia; he knows that time is on Russia’s side, and he is putting everything in place in readiness as the Ukraine sinks further into chaos. Not only has Russia deployed two warships to the Crimea, another has been sent to Cuba, and is currently berthed at Havana’s cruise liner terminal. Could this possibly be an indication of Russia’s intention to go and „assist“ the marxist government of Venezuela as the situation there becomes more perilous? Time will tell. And probably not very much time — Stewart Davies.“

„Sister Lucia said that Russia had to be consecrated by the whole Catholic Church through it’s hierarchy because it would not be able to reform itself on its own power and thus faithful to its vocation. Today all the trends point to WWIII , and Russia is right in the middle of it. Also, though little noticed, the Russian Orthodox Church and Patriarch have thrown a wrench in the ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic Church, because it just came out denying the need for a universal Primate for the Church, precisely when all the rest of the Orthodox are uniting in reaffirming that every synod must have a primate, local, regional, universal, not one without the other: primate points to synod; synod points to primate! (see article interviewing the threat of Russia ruining the dialogue with the Catholic Church found on Pewsitter with Bishop Zizioulis). This is proof that Russia was never properly consecrated by any of the now eight Popes since Fatima. Sister Lucia said it would be done but very late (1984 was not late!) and thirty years later, it’s getting late, with only three years to the centenary of the apparitions. People who think this has already been done sufficiently are not reading the signs of the times. PS: the sign before WWII was not the borealis. (I knew two people who saw it, one in Barcelona, another in the Cape of Massachusetts (which are on the same lateral). It was a reddish fog that covered the whole sky!“ — Pete Salveinini.

„Didn’t Josyp Terelya talk about a mutual joining of Russia and China….but then later they would be at war with each other? He still maintained, as he did in his book Witness, and as have others, that in the more distant future looms a monumental war between China and Russia and he has long mentioned 2020 as a possible time-frame. Right now China and Russia seem like brothers because they both seek the diminution of the United States, which Terelya believed is in grave danger. ‚Enemies surround America: the bear, the yellow dragon and the green serpent,‘ he said in an earlier statement, the translation of which still needs checking. ‚They are allied for the times of evil.‘ (http://www.spiritdaily.net/2020.htm) In Terelya’s prophecy there was a vision of the far eastern border between Russia and China. ‚I saw a map,‘ Terelya once said. ‚I saw a map and parts of it were burning. Russia! There were fires erupting all over Russia. Surrounding countries were also involved. There were flames in various parts of the world. It was what could happen if mankind does not come back to God. I saw entire landscapes. I saw a river I recognized, the Amur. Siberia was on fire to the Ural Mountains.'“ — Chris Kelly]

Ariel Sharon und Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser
Schauen Sie sich unter der Rubrik „Video“ diese höchst interessante „Geschichte“ an. Wir bringen Sie jetzt, weil in den Schauungen von Rabbi Kaduri zweimal die Rede von Ariel Sharon ist – und dies im Zusammenhang mit der angekündigten Wiederkunft Jesu Christi! Wir überlassen das Urteil Ihnen.
P.S. Ariel Sharon lag seit dem 4. Januar 2006 im Koma; Y. Kaduri starb am 28. Januar 2006

Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Name of Messiah „Jesus“, „Yehoshua“ or „Yeshua“

World Apostolate of Fatima General Assembly – 17-11-2012

Zeichen der Zeit: Marienstatue vergiesst Blutstränen

People throng to see bleeding Marian statue

Tears of blood rolled down the statue of Mother Mary at the Carmelite Mary Immaculate (CMI) Bhavan in Marianagar, Ghaziabad. Posted on July 16, 2012, 8:44 AM

By Shyju Naduvathaniyil

Police was called in to control surging crowds gathering to witness a bleeding Marian statue at a Catholic center near Delhi India.Tears of blood rolled down the statue of Mary at the Carmelite Mary Immaculate (CMI) Bhavan in Marianagar, Ghaziabad, the satellite town of New Delhi, attracting Christians and people of other faiths Saturday.About 65 catholic families that live around the chapel rushed to see the event.

“Within no time the news spread and people started coming to the chapel. Around three thousand people visited the statue by evening. Due to the rush the police had to be called in,” said Brother George CMI.

Sunitha, the maid in the house, was the first to notice the event at 11:30 am when she came to clean the chapel.

“Today when I was about to clean the statue of Mother Mary, I found streams of blood flowing. I could not believe my eyes so I rubbed the blood from the statue but the flow was still there,” she said.

Sunitha said that she started shivering and held the statue. “I felt Mother Mary standing in front of me,” she added.

Fr. Joy Kizhakkayil, the priest in charge of the house, said he saw the maid holding the statue and praying and crying loud to Mother Mary.

Another priest who resides in the house, Fr. Biju Vadakkel said that they have informed the incident to Bishop Francis Kalist of Meerut and he has asked us to keep the statue in due reverence.

Fr. Vadakkel said that the bleeding continued for few hours.

He said that they have also taken the samples of the blood and got it tested at the St. Joseph Hospital nearby.

“The result shows that the blood group is B+ve,” he added.

Another flow of blood was seen Sunday when Fr. Kizhakkayil came to the chapel to offer the holy Mass.

“Now the flow was heavy and the blood was falling on the table where the statue was kept,” he said.

Visitors, who thronged to see the event, kept the rosary on the blood clotted statue and prayed continuously in the chapel.

Brother George said that Hindu families living near the chapel anticipated natural calamities due to the event.

The event took place at the personal chapel of CMI Bhavan where at present a new wing for the Christ College, Bangalore is under construction.

The statue was bought from St. Paul’s Centre, New Delhi few months back.


Fatima-Geheimnisse: sind vier Päpste Lügner?

  1. Sind die letzten vier Päpste ein Haufen Lügner?

Diesen in englischer Sprache erschienene Artikel möchten wir unserer Leserschaft nicht vorenthalten. Vielleicht findet sich jemand, der sich für seine Übersetzung engagiert?


On Fatima & the Private Interpretation of Private Revelations

November 2011By Howard P. Kainz

Howard P. Kainz is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Marquette University and a former executive council-member of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. A widely published author, his most recent book is The Existence of God and the Faith-Instinct (Susque­hanna University Press, 2010).

Catholics often criticize Protestants for their subjective “private interpretations” of the Scriptures that give short shrift to tradition. Some Catholics, however, are guilty of the very same thing when it comes to private revelations — messages reportedly given by Jesus or Mary to some individual or group of individuals. The 1917 revelations given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, during World War I, at the outset of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, constituted possibly the most portentous wake-up call the Church has ever received. But the interpretation of the three “secrets” our Lady entrusted to the children have been subjected to the vagaries of private interpretation by Catholics who give short shrift to the Magisterium of the Church.

The most egregious example of this phenomenon comes from a Canadian priest, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the so-called Fatima priest, and the Fatima Center he founded. Fr. Gruner was ordained by the bishop of Avellino, Italy, in 1976, and transferred to Canada, but was suspended after refusing to return to his home diocese. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy confirmed his suspension a divinis (the loss of faculties for celebrating Mass, hearing confessions, etc.) in 2001. The archbishop of Hyderabad, India, however, disagreed with the suspension and incardinated Gruner there — giving rise to confusion about Gruner’s ecclesiastical status, and claims by his supporters that his suspension was invalid.


For many years Fr. Gruner has been insisting that the request our Lady made at Fatima for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart by the pope in concert with the bishops of the world has not been made in the way the Virgin requested. His sticking point is that the consecration of Russia has not been made by name.

In December 1983, after consulting with Sr. Lucia, the only living Fatima visionary, Pope John Paul II sent out letters inviting all the world’s Catholic bishops, and some Orthodox bishops, to join him in a joint act of con­­secration, scheduled for the feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 1984. In the consecration, the Pope, accompanied not only in spirit by the bishops to whom he sent the letters, but also physically in St. Peter’s Basilica by numerous bishops and cardinals, consecrated the whole world to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Reportedly fearing retaliation from the Soviet Union, which at the time was threatening to crush the Solidarity movement in Poland, the Pope added a diplomatic but pointed consecration of Russia herself: “In a special way we entrust and consecrate to you those individuals and nations that particularly need to be thus entrusted and consecrated” (italics added).


Asked a number of times whether this consecration fulfilled our Lady’s request, Sr. Lucia wrote, “Publicly, in union with those bishops who wished to associate themselves with His Holiness, he made the consecration in the way in which the Blessed Virgin had wished that it should be made. Afterward people asked me if it was made in the way our Lady wanted, and I replied: ‘Yes. From that time, it is made!’”

In November 2001 John Paul II, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, and several others met with Sr. Lucia and asked her about the dissatisfaction expressed by Gruner and others over the lack of explicit mention of Russia, and their continuing requests to “re-do” the consecration. Sr. Lucia mentioned that her community simply threw such petitions away, adding, “I’ve already said that the consecration our Lady wished for was performed in 1984, and that it was accepted by Heaven.”

Proponents of re-doing the consecration have suggested that some of Sr. Lucia’s comments on the consecration were made under “coercion” by superiors or even by an “impostor,” and that the consecration could not have been properly made since Russia has not really been converted — although the Berlin Wall came down, militant Soviet atheism is a thing of the past, religious freedom is allowed, President Dmitri Medwedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are Orthodox Christians, and very positive steps have been taken toward the ecumenical union of Orthodoxy and the Church of Rome. One could argue that the situation in Russia at least compares favorably with that in Portugal, about which our Lady, according to Sr. Lucia’s Fourth Memoir, promised that “In Portugal the doctrine of the faith will always be preserved.” In Portugal, according to a recent Harris Poll commissioned by Pax Liturgique, a mere 11.7 percent of those who identify as Catholics attend Mass weekly. Some preservation!

Possibly the Fatimists are expecting the sudden, mass conversion of all Russian citizens to the Catholic Church, the cessation of all social injustice, and the abrogation of all corruption — in other words, a “conversion of a nation” in a literal sense (the first ever!) that would make the emancipation of Christianity under Constantine in A.D. 313 look like a mere blip in ecclesial history.

Another example of Fatimists’ private interpretation of this private revelation is their claim that there was a “fourth secret” given by Mary to the children at Fatima. In the official and historical account of the visitation, our Lady entrusted three secrets to the three children at Fatima. The first secret included a vision of Hell and God’s wish to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the salvation of sinners; the second was a warning about the danger of a second world war and the spread of Soviet communism (a nascent, isolated movement at the time). Sr. Lucia wrote down the contents of these two secrets in 1941. She entrusted information about the third secret to her bishop in 1944, and it was sent to the Vatican in 1957. Pope John XXIII and his successors each read the secret and, in 2000, after much anticipation, the text of the secret was published by the Vatican. It contains a vision of the pope and the faithful of the Church enduring persecution and martyrdom as they ascend a mountain. At the top of the mountain stands the cross, at the foot of which the pope is murdered by soldiers.

Fr. Gruner and his clerical and lay supporters held a “Fatima Challenge” conference in Rome in May 2010 to complain that an alleged addendum to the third secret has not yet been revealed. They point to circumstantial evidence: (1) In her Fourth Memoir Sr. Lucia writes that our Lady said, “In Portugal, the doctrine of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” The “etc.” in this prediction seems to indicate that a part of the secret has not yet been divulged. (2) There is some discrepancy in references to the “one page” and “four pages” on which the third secret was written. (3) Archbishop Loris Capovilla of Loreto, Italy, once referred to an envelope signed by multiple witnesses after the secret was read by Pope John XXIII, and that envelope seems to have gone missing. (4) Pope Benedict XVI recently affirmed that the Fatima revelations refer not just to the past but also to the present and future; but earlier explanations of the third secret, including explanations by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger before he became pope, indicate that it refers to the past, in particular to the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981.


The 2010 conference included a representative of “the other side,” Giuseppe De Carli, author of The Last Visionary of Fatima and The Last Secret of Fatima, books that include extensive interviews with Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone refuting the “fourth secret” hypothesis. De Carli, who died shortly after the conference, became flustered at one point in the cross-examination, saying, “When a secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, says that the envelope mentioned by Capovilla corresponds to what was read by John XXIII, either John XXIII, Pope Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI are liars, or we need to believe it.”

What, indeed, have the Fatimists, with the assiduity of professional sleuths, been looking for? Why are they so suspicious of a Vatican collusion in deception? A recent pamphlet, The Still Hidden Secret, published by the Fatima Center, proposes that the fourth secret probably contains an apocalyptic vision, and that it is “related to the vision in which the Virgin explains in Her own words how an internal crisis of faith and discipline in the Church is accompanied by a chastisement of the whole world, including the bishops, priests and laity who are killed ‘one after another’ by the same soldiers who have already executed the Pope.” Catholic News Service reports that some Fatimists “have deduced that the secret foresaw the changes of the Second Vatican Council, especially in liturgy and ecumenical dialogue, as part of the ‘great apostasy’ which church leaders refuse to acknowledge.”


Do we really need a special revelation from our Lady to tell us that there is an internal crisis of faith and discipline in the Church? And to warn about terrible persecutions, already gathering momentum in many countries? Aren’t we capable of reading the signs of the times ourselves? It seems that the Fatimists’ sleuthing is really a desperate attempt to find in the secrets an authoritative reason to reject Vatican II and all the Popes since Pius XII.

The Fatima Center held a follow-up conference, called “Consecration Now!” in Rome this past May for the purpose of gaining popular support for a formal re-consecration of Russia by name. They are hoping that a massive groundswell of support will finally force the hand of Pope Benedict to accede to their request.

But would it not be more appropriate for followers of Mary to demonstrate the filial obedience required of Catholics by trusting the Popes, ceasing with the distracting accusations of Church-wide cover-ups and a faulty consecration, and focusing on the simple yet major request made by our Lady at Fatima: that Catholics say the rosary often, and at least one time in their lives go to confession and receive Holy Communion on five successive first Saturdays of the month, in reparation for sin? This was the central message of the Fatima revelations, a message that risks being lost amid the Fati­mists’ agitation for the re-consecration of Russia and their fascination with third- and fourth-secret conspiracy theories. Something even more miraculous than the tearing down of the Berlin Wall might result if this request were widely heeded.

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