Russland/Ukraine – weinende Ikonen


Weinende Ikonen in der Ukraine und in Russland. Lesen Sie den Bericht von Spiritdaily (in englisch).

Quelle, 2014:

„Announcing the disaster? Icons of Ukraine and Russia are crying!“
That’s the headline in a Polish news portal called

„God warns us against a giant cataclysm that could begin in Russia and Ukraine?“ this news commentary ponders. „It is not excluded.“

And so it is something for us all to consider, whether or not the crisis immediately becomes a full-blown one.

„In both countries, in a dozen monasteries, icons began to cry,“ claims the publication. „In the Orthodox tradition (yes indeed, as in the West, where the weeping statues portend serious events) it is a clear sign from above, which is a call to the people to repentance and warning of approaching difficult times.

„Icons are now crying among others in Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, Rivne (also known as Rovno), and Novokuznetsk. Earlier and similar phenomenon in Russia and Ukraine took place before the October Revolution and the fall of the tsarist regime, and just before the collapse of the Soviet Union,“ concludes the report, for our reckoning.

Will the Russian-Ukrainian crisis be quickly defused — as has been the case in so many potential tinderboxes during the past few decades (in this period of grace, if waning grace) — or will the tension between the two nations, long bitter foes, infused with rabid nationalism (and now in a tug of war over Crimea) explode into a nuclear event?

If so (if there is fire), might it one day reflect on the Fatima prophecies? If something does erupt, will it cause us to think back on the consecration of Russia?

It may be quickly defused. That’s certainly what one must hope — at the same time that we hope for world conversion.

But of late, private revelation and miracles have become, or so it seems, all the more relevant. Even mainstream media are now taking note. The question is both the legitimacy of the reports and whether they are different than previous mystical phenomena. Russia and Ukraine have a long history of miraculous icons and statues (including one we visited at the huge, mysterious, holy monastery at Pochaiv).

Several years back, in 2006, were reports of many icons weeping in the same region [see note at end of this article].

As one Orthodox writer noted some years back: „The meaning of the weeping icons of America today is not yet evident, at least one of them is still weeping after five years. What is certain is that these tears of the Mother of God speak directly to the heart of every Orthodox believer, calling all to repentance, amendment of life and return to faith and tradition in their fullness.“

Speculation is as yet premature. But it must be noted that the northern lights, also an historical harbinger, are firing up again in a way that to a degree is reminiscent of the aurora that Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos said was the Fatima-prophesied „great sign“ announcing World War Two.

The writer of the Fronda article, Tomasz P. Terlikowski, concludes, „If indeed such phenomena occur, it is — even though the story of a journalist that similar phenomena may have occurred before the collapse of the Soviet Union may bother us and arouse suspicion — worth asking whether God does not want us in this way to warn against impending difficult times and call to repentance? Prayer can never be too many, and with the international situation, civilization is not inclined to exaggerated optimism … Hence the rosaries, prayer, and repentance! Any such event is for Christians the call to conversion of life, and a sign of things to come.“

[Reported Pravda in 2006: „In Russia there are several thousand crying icons: images of saints are crying profusely in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sarov, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and on Solovki. Another such miracle took place recently in the town of Sochi. In the local regional museum a new exhibition of spiritual paintings has opened. A day after the exhibition opened ten icons from 17th-19th centuries suddenly became covered with a white oily liquid with a slight smell of resin. According to witnesses, the icons were crying so intensely that small pools formed on the parquet floor. Museum workers terrified by the miracle immediately closed the hall to visitors and called for priests, who said prayers. After this the entrance to the exhibition was opened once again. Another report arrived from the village of Rogovatoe near Belgorod. Here in the church run by Reverend Sergey Radonezhsky a whole series of icons of imperial martyrs started crying. Drops of an oily liquid were discovered during the traditional Sunday Mass. At first the assumption was made that the drops were nothing other than condensation or oil which had spat out of a lamp that one of the worshippers had accidentally rubbed against the icon when he was venerating the image. But this version was soon discredited – after all, from the moment it first appeared in the Church, the icon had always been kept under glass and was therefore protected against external influences. All the attempts to remove the moisture using cotton wool led to nothing – the beads of oil merely kept reappearing on the icon. ‚I want to remark straight away,‘ academic Pavel Florenskiy, head of a special commission supported by the Moscow Patriarchy studying miracles in churches, told an ACC correspondent, ‚the phenomenon of icons crying is known us to all the way back to Ancient Greek manuscripts. However for a long time there was no agreement between science and religion. Many scientists viewed such miracles as a fabrication or a common forgery. But nowadays the deep-rooted antagonism is changing thanks to constructive dialogue.’”]

[Feedback: Dear Spirit Daily, Many years ago, [mystic] Maria Esperanza, in referring to an approaching time of global upheaval, stated that, ‚It will begin here‘ — obviously referring to Venezuela. In recent days, as the Venezuelan economy disappears into a black hole, with wholesale food shortages and large numbers of people lacking the essentials of life, there have been indications of a media blackout in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities as government hit squads try to eliminate all opposition. There can be little possibility that the situation in the Ukraine will calm down and that order can be restored. As Western political leaders somewhat pathetically ‚warn‘ Russia not to intervene militarily, Putin has sent 150,000 troops to Russia’s western border with Ukraine, two warships to the Crimea, and large numbers of fighter jets have been relocated to bases closer to the Ukraine and ordered to be combat-ready. The loss of the Ukraine is still a thorn in the side for Russia, and up to one half of Ukrainians demand that, politically, militarily and economically, their nation should once again look eastward towards Russia, and not westward towards the E.U. Putin is not prone to inertia; he knows that time is on Russia’s side, and he is putting everything in place in readiness as the Ukraine sinks further into chaos. Not only has Russia deployed two warships to the Crimea, another has been sent to Cuba, and is currently berthed at Havana’s cruise liner terminal. Could this possibly be an indication of Russia’s intention to go and „assist“ the marxist government of Venezuela as the situation there becomes more perilous? Time will tell. And probably not very much time — Stewart Davies.“

„Sister Lucia said that Russia had to be consecrated by the whole Catholic Church through it’s hierarchy because it would not be able to reform itself on its own power and thus faithful to its vocation. Today all the trends point to WWIII , and Russia is right in the middle of it. Also, though little noticed, the Russian Orthodox Church and Patriarch have thrown a wrench in the ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic Church, because it just came out denying the need for a universal Primate for the Church, precisely when all the rest of the Orthodox are uniting in reaffirming that every synod must have a primate, local, regional, universal, not one without the other: primate points to synod; synod points to primate! (see article interviewing the threat of Russia ruining the dialogue with the Catholic Church found on Pewsitter with Bishop Zizioulis). This is proof that Russia was never properly consecrated by any of the now eight Popes since Fatima. Sister Lucia said it would be done but very late (1984 was not late!) and thirty years later, it’s getting late, with only three years to the centenary of the apparitions. People who think this has already been done sufficiently are not reading the signs of the times. PS: the sign before WWII was not the borealis. (I knew two people who saw it, one in Barcelona, another in the Cape of Massachusetts (which are on the same lateral). It was a reddish fog that covered the whole sky!“ — Pete Salveinini.

„Didn’t Josyp Terelya talk about a mutual joining of Russia and China….but then later they would be at war with each other? He still maintained, as he did in his book Witness, and as have others, that in the more distant future looms a monumental war between China and Russia and he has long mentioned 2020 as a possible time-frame. Right now China and Russia seem like brothers because they both seek the diminution of the United States, which Terelya believed is in grave danger. ‚Enemies surround America: the bear, the yellow dragon and the green serpent,‘ he said in an earlier statement, the translation of which still needs checking. ‚They are allied for the times of evil.‘ ( In Terelya’s prophecy there was a vision of the far eastern border between Russia and China. ‚I saw a map,‘ Terelya once said. ‚I saw a map and parts of it were burning. Russia! There were fires erupting all over Russia. Surrounding countries were also involved. There were flames in various parts of the world. It was what could happen if mankind does not come back to God. I saw entire landscapes. I saw a river I recognized, the Amur. Siberia was on fire to the Ural Mountains.'“ — Chris Kelly]